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Language is a fluid form of communication with inconceivable potential of expression, a bridge that carries thoughts, cultures, attitudes.


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Software localization

Software localization is a procedure with specific requirements, comprising the adaptation of software into a certain language and culture by translating the content combined with the readjustment of the respective elements, such as the menu commands, the display indications, the error messages, the help files, the numerical and monetary data and other software elements.

The spread of the new technologies and the familiarity with a range of applications and services to a great extend depend on the proper adaptation of software in the cultural environment of a country and the social and linguistic characteristics of the end users. It is important for users to read the messages of an application in their mother tongue, to enter information without being concerned about any differentiated functions of the keyboard, or to solve problems fast by correctly perceiving the error messages of a program. If the users get the exact idea of a software, they are able to make use of it more correctly and effectively and to avoid possible costly and time consuming mistakes, which results in lower costs in terms of technical support and customer care.

In the era of the globalization and the domination of highly competitive markets, it is important to fulfill the requirement for software adaptation to users' cultural and linguistic needs. Through language mastery and deep research of the culture and the linguistic characteristics of the target group, software localization by R&P Works ensures that the software 'speaks' the language of the end users.


... because LANGUAGE is ART
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R&P Works shares a special connection with the world of language, expressing it by offering translation and text editing services with commitment to quality, reliability and focus on detail. R&P Works regards every undertaken project as a workable creation. Because language is art.

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