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Language is a fluid form of communication with inconceivable potential of expression, a bridge that carries thoughts, cultures, attitudes.


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The subtitling does not create an autonomous translation product. On the contrary, the subtitles constitute the visual-verbal part of a quadripartite group, whose participants are also the dialogs, the music and the video that compose a complete audiovisual result. All the parts of this group must be observed by subtitling: If only the screenplay is taken into consideration and the video is ignored, the subtitling procedure solely concentrates on the written dimension and not on the audiovisual one, which results in a distortion of the whole set.

The subtitling procedure is determined by many factors and limitations: The subtitles must accurately render the audio-verbal part within the allowable and available time frames, they must be synchronized with the actual time of oral expression, they have to state the gender of the speaking person, they must not overlap the following scenes and finally they have to respond to audience expectations on subtitled audiovisual products.

The subtitles act as a ‘cultural agent’, because their actual role is to communicate the culture, the feelings and the thoughts of the speakers to an audience with diverse sociocultural background, different traditions and means of expression. The subtitles achieve their purpose through material insertion or removal, inclusion of non verbal elements and perfect language usage (i.e. rendition of idiomatic expressions) with regard to the content and the style of the audiovisual product.

In R&P Works subtitling is being treated as a challenge that demands fantasy and creativity, and simultaneously as a verbal game with strict rules and a specific action frame. Because language is art.


... because LANGUAGE is ART
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R&P Works shares a special connection with the world of language, expressing it by offering translation and text editing services with commitment to quality, reliability and focus on detail. R&P Works regards every undertaken project as a workable creation. Because language is art.

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