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Language is a fluid form of communication with inconceivable potential of expression, a bridge that carries thoughts, cultures, attitudes.


R&P Works

High specialization in translation of technical, financial, legal and business texts supporting the Greek, German and English language.

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Integrated services in text editing for electronic or printed output with linguistic soundness and thorough diligence.


  • Quality – Quality is one of the strongest pros and also the major commitment of R&P Works to its clients. The consistent dedication to quality is expressed by concentrating on the thorough diligence of the projects, by being informed about client needs, by researching in depth in linguistic or other sources - depending on project nature, by enhancing and upgrading the technical equipment consistently, by supporting the undertaken projects even after they have been delivered.
  • Focus on detail – The promises in terms of final results are fulfilled by R&P Works. The client is informed about the specific characteristics and the requirements of a project, so that an optimal final result is achieved mutually. Furthermore, transparent cost estimation and cost assessment procedures are applied by using specialized software applications. The combination of an effective methodology with elaborate and client-oriented adaptations is utilized extensively, so that to carry out the best possible outcome both for our client and for the high standards we set in performing our activity.
  • Reliability – R&P Works values clients' time and requirements. On account of this, on the one hand we strictly adhere to the schedules; on the other hand we explore with a customized approach our clients' needs, their activity environment and the general and specific goals aimed by our clients through our work. Because the rendered services are intended to maximize client's benefit – delivery of an impeccable project tailored to client's requirements at the earliest possible time.


... because LANGUAGE is ART
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R&P Works shares a special connection with the world of language, expressing it by offering translation and text editing services with commitment to quality, reliability and focus on detail. R&P Works regards every undertaken project as a workable creation. Because language is art.

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